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Textiles Company in India
Textiles Company in India
Textiles Company in India

Textile Industry in India

We, at T.S. Textiles, use high end machinery for our production and operations, which includes latest looms and processing equipment. This helps us deliver good quality, durable and aesthetically appealing fabrics. We ensure that each batch of our production goes through proper quality checks and testing via the American 4 Point System methodology, which helps us deliver fabrics without any defects. Our aim is to deliver products which our customers can efficiently use without any hassles. Thanks to our customers, we have a capacity to produce and deliver 5 - 6 Lakhs metres of fabric every month.

Logistics is another important aspect of any business, we understand its importance and therefore ensure timely delivery of our orders and easy customer service even after purchases. This is made possible by our smooth transportation procedures, and our warehouses, which help us effectively use about 10,000 sq.ft of area, for - safe, clean and damage free storage of your goods. This infrastructure helps us achieve, uniformity, efficiency, punctuality and the promise of quality which we make with our customers.

The textile industry is primarily based on the design, production, and distribution of fabric and clothing. The raw materials may be natural or synthetic. It also plays a major role in the economy of the Country. India earns about 27% of its foreign exchange through textile import and export businesses. India also has the highest looms capacity (Including handlooms) with 63% of the world’s market share. As of 30th September 2020, there are 2200 cotton mills in India, almost 18% are in the private sector and the rest are in the public and co-operative sectors. The Industry includes a wide range of sections, from basic handwoven, to segments like Air-jet and Rapier Looms which is a capital Intensive Technological segment. India is the number second chief producer of silk and cotton worldwide. In terms of textile manufacturing, there are lots of famous places in India, however, Ahmedabad is considered as India’s largest cotton fabric manufacturers, and is also known as the Manchester city of India.

Indian Textile industry is the second largest industry after agriculture in terms of economic contribution and generating employment. This sector is also important in terms of social and economic values and offers huge employment opportunities for Indian people, especially for the people who come from the village or rural areas. As mentioned earlier, it contributes towards the foreign exchange as well.

Fabric Manufacturing Companies in India

When it comes to the best fabric manufacturers in India, Ahmedabad’s name always comes up in one’s mind. The city is situated on the banks of River Sabarmati and this region produces cotton in abundance, hence providing the basic raw material for cotton fabrics easily. There are many skilled and unskilled labourers from nearby villages who come to work in these textile mills. The city is well connected with the other major cities in India as well. So situated in Ahmedabad, T.S. Textiles is one of the oldest and fastest-growing fabric manufacturing company which established its name by producing unique, trendy and quality fabrics. We, at T.S Textiles, use high-end machinery for our production and operations, which includes the latest looms and processing equipment. This helps us to deliver good quality, durable, and appealing fabrics, which provides our customers the shine, fall and feel a garment demands. We have been in this market, for the past 40 years and now aim to stand as a benchmark, in the Textile Wholesale market in Ahmedabad.

Are you searching for the best and affordable fabric manufacturing company in Ahmedabad ? If yes, then you are at the right place! This is your one stop solution for - Cotton Dobby, Satin Lycra, Twill, Plain Woven, Printed, 4 Way, Backside Knitting and many more premium and fashionable fabrics.

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